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Steps To Getting Airbnb Discount

It does not matter whether you are a regular traveler or a beginner, you can save money by asking discounts. If you use Airbnb as a traveler, you can enjoy discounts up to 25% off the listing price. In this post, you learn some steps to finding airbnb discount. If you are new to Airbnb, you can sign up and get a joining in credit. You just need to follow these steps during negotiation and booking.

How to get Airbnb discount

Choose several listings

If you want to have good bargaining pobedsition, you need to have some options. Thus, choose between five to twelve listings. This can give you the power to walk away. After choosing your listings, you need to check whether they are available. Fortunately, Airbnb shows only ones that are available. However, some hosts fail to update their properties. Therefore, some of the listings you have chosen may not be available.

In this case, you can write a short message to the property owner asking whether it is available. In the message, make sure to mention a number of people you will travel with. Ensure the message is polite so that you can be approved as a guest and be offered a discount.

Ask for a discount

Most travelers fail to ask for discounts. There is no problem with requesting for a discount and it just takes a few minutes. If you ask for it, you will be surprised that most of them will provide you with it. Some hosts can get back to you and ask how much you want to pay. It is advisable to respond with a price, which is about 25% lower than the listing price. You should avoid making unrealistic offers that may offend your hosts.


There issofa nothing wrong with your host knowing that you have several alternatives. After getting the reply, it feels certainly you have secured a booking. When you inform your host about having potential alternatives, it creates fear of losing the booking. This will make the host ready to negotiate.

Make your offer

After getting a response from your hosts, you will have an idea of how much you can pay. If the price has been discounted, the host may be unwilling to go down again. In that case, offer your price at around 10% lower than quoted price.