How To Choose The Best Camping Tent

Camping is a fun activity. A time to spend time in the outdoors and get to enjoy nature. However, there are a few gears that need to be assembled to have a great experience. One of this is camping tents. To get the perfect tent; however, there are several things you must remember to look into.

Things To Consider

Tent Size

Usually, tent sizes are based on how many sleepers they can accommodTent ate. But remember that you need space for your luggage. If a tent indicates it can sleep six people, take that to mean it can sleep four people comfortably. The last thing you want is a tent that cramps you and your family in. Think about the real length and width of the tent, especially if you are looking for family tents.

Tent Comfort

Treat the camp tent as your lodge out in the forest or woods, and so it should offer you comfort whether you are taking a nap or reading and relaxing or even having some family time. Ceiling height and ventilation are some of the things that you should have in mind when thinking about comfort inside your tent.

Tent Shape

Umbrella, dome, wall and A-frame are the basic tent shapes you will find. The umbrella tends to be popular with families because it offers lots of standing room and has large windows. The A-frame, on the other hand, offers larger floor space while the wall is much greater even on the sides. Square floored tents offer more efficiency with gear and sleeping arrangements, but you can always compare other options and choose the shape that you find ideal for your camping needs.

Tent Weather Resistance

Cold, heat, rain and wind together place the demand on your camp tent. Windy conditions require that the tent has sturdy poles, anchor ropes, and stakes and geodesic tents might be the best tent for windy campsites. The tent you choose should also manage to keep rain out and accommodate you comfortably when it begins to rain.

The rain fly should be waterproof and should at least wrap around the tent and drop near the ground so that even rain that comes with the wind is kept at bay. You should also consider a tent with a waterproof floor; a tub floor tent will work best because it keeps water out even if it runs under and down your tent. Screened doors and windows, on the other hand, work on hot, humid days.

Tent Workmanship

blue Tent It determines the durability of the tent. Think about sturdiness and strength of the poles, the quality of the fabric used in the tent, free opening and closing of the zippers and reinforcement of the tent seams. Most people forget this important tent part, yet they can determine the kind of camping experience you get.