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What To Do In Thailand

The tourism industry of Thailand have recorded over forty million visitors in 2016 alone, and it is expected to go up this year. Therefore, it stands to reason that this country is heavily relying on its tourism industry. This land of smiles is located in South East Asia, and this beautiful country is one of the favorite destinations on this side of the planet. Now, if you are one of the many people who want to visit Thailand, allow us to share a good to know info on what to do when in Thailand.

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Visit Temples

Many visitors go to Thailand because of its stunning temples, and the city of Chiang Mai is one of the favorite destinations of temple hoppers. With over 200 temples scattered in this city, you’ll surely never run out of temples to visit. Also, many temples around the city will allow you have a quick chat with the monks. So, to ensure that you maximize your vacation in Thailand, don’t ever miss the Chiang Mai Temples. Also, the temples in Chiang Mai or anywhere in Thailand are sacred places. Hence, when visiting one, always keep in mind that locals go there on a daily basis for solemnity.

Visit Beaches

boats in beachIt is worth mentioning that some of the best beaches in the world are found in Thailand. This tropical country boasts white beaches, and it is one of the main reasons why people around the world visit this country whole year round. In addition, some beaches in Thailand is only accessible by a boat ride. Thus, Island hopping is one of the favorite activities here. Aside from island hopping, various water activities are being offered to the visitors too.

Visit Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital city of the Kingdom of Thailand, and this city offers a wide array of activities for tourists. In fact, a significant number of visitors fell in love with the place and decided to call it home for good.  So, if you want to experience living like a local, the best place for you to do it is in Bangkok.

You can spend your day in Bangkok by going to the floating market in the morning. Then, you can visit the evening bazaars at night and do some shopping spree. Plus, you can try some street foods and satisfy your cravings by indulging to some exotic Thai delicacies. Also, your Bangkok adventure will never be complete if you have not experience riding a Tuk Tuk.

Visit Nature Parks

Thailand is home to many nature parks that offer various activities including having an up close encounter with elephants. Many nature parks in Thailand will allow you feed and bathe these gentle giants. So, if you want to have a one of a kind experience, you should definitely visit a nature park in Thailand.