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Bike Tours Central Park

The bike tour is most recommended for several reasons. They are convenient and flexible to a tourist. In central park, bike tours are the most used currently. The bike tours are a great way for the tourists to wind up. A bike tour central park is considered to get a personal touch with what Central has to offer.

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Places To Visit While On Bike Tour Central Park

Central Park is famous for a lot of attractions and movie scenes. The architecture is Central Parkalso astounding, and the history is to behold. Some of the places you visit on a bike tour in central park are the BelvedereCastle, the conservatory garden, GapstowBridge and the Wollman rink. You will have a pleasant experience in this places just from your bike.

A bike tour central would not have been more enjoyable without the movie scenes. Some of the famous movies such as Home Alone Spiderman gossip girls, 30 rock sex in the city and friends were acted in central park. It is exciting to know that you will experience all this while on a bike tour central park.

Costs, Schedule, And Cancellation

A bike tour in central park is available at very affordable prices. A 1-hour bike tour is available at 49 for adults and 39 for children. A 2-hour bike tour costs 64 dollars for adults and 50 for children. The tours are scheduled to form 8 am to 8 pm on a daily basis. The plan might change over time for convenience purposes. The prices are all inclusive of a trained expert bike tour guide.

Situations may arise where a bike tour is canceled. Mostly cancellation is due to inclement weather. If such cases occur you will have to postpone a scheduled bike tour, request a refund. If it’s a 24hour prior cancellation, you will be eligible for a refund or postpone the day’s service. If you cancel on the same day of a scheduled tour, you will have to choose between delaying the services or compensation with a 50% off cancellation fee. If you cancel at the last minute, there will be no refund and no postpone will be allowed.

Rental Bikes

a pink bikeA bike tour in central park is made easy with affordable rent bikes. They have lots of types of rental bikes just to suit your comfort. They have over 400 bikes that come in a variety of styles and sizes. They have different provisions for kid’s bikes and adult bikes. They have leisure bikes, mountain bikes, and comfort bikes among others. They also have baby trailers, baby seats and tandems bikes for children.

Bike toursCentral Park are guaranteed safety and convenience. They are recommended for a personal touch with what central park has to offer. Your money is well taken care of in case of inconveniences. Touring the central park on two wheels is interesting.